Industrial & Cleaning Solvents

The expressions industrial cleaning solvents are routinely traded, and regularly confused for "plant security items". To elucidate this, our solvents incorporate both biocides and plant security items, where the previous respects substances for non-nourishment and feed purposes and the last respects substances for sustenance and feed purposes. The substances are generally concoction mixes, yet can likewise be microorganisms (e.g. microscopic organisms). Our industrial cleaning solvents contain at least single biocidal dynamic substances and may contain different non-dynamic co-formulants that guarantee the viability and the ideal pH, consistency, shading, scent, etc. of the end item.
Product Image (chloro ethylene 01)

Tri Chloro Ethylene

Price: 40.00 - 60.00 INR/Kilograms

Techincal Tri Chloro Ethylene is used as dry cleaning solvent, anti static film cleaner & conditioner, and also for cleaning of kerosene fueled rocket engines. It has the chemical formula C2HCI3 with molecular mass of 131.4 g/mol. This colorless liquid having chloroform like odor is also used to extract vegetable oil from soy, coconut, & palm. It finds its application in the preparation of flavoring extracts from hops & spices.

Product Image (Glycol)


Price: 35 Rs/Kg ~ 60 Rs/Kg INR/Kilograms

Mix Glycol is widely used in ceramic, coolant formulating, leather, construction, & textile industries. It is a light yellow colored clear liquid having specific gravity of 1.15. This organic compound belongs to the alcohol family having two hydroxyl groups attached to different carbon atoms. It is known to be the excellent precursor to polyester fibers & resins in plastic industry and in preparation of PET required to make bottles for beverages.

Product Image (Glycol Ether)

Glycol Ether

Price: 60 Rs/kg ~ 95 Rs/kg INR/Kilograms

Glycol Ether is used in , dyes, water based inks, and P-series of this compound finds its application in degreasers, adhesives, aerosol paints, and cleaners. It is water soluble & biodegradable in nature with low toxicity. This ether has excellent solvent properties for low molecular weight compounds including alcohol with higher boiling point. It belongs to the group of solvent which is based on alkyl ethers of ethylene or propylene glycol.