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RWC Booster

Being a good quality phenyl is a tough job as it needs to have excellent cleaning properties along with being a high grade deodoriser and disinfectant. To make phenyls of best grade, manufacturers these days add end number of raw materials and ingredients, including RWC Booster. Adding the same makes the phenyl more effective as a floor cleaner and helps it ward off bacteria and other unwanted impurities from floors, drains, toilets, garbage bins, etc., at one go. Known for effectiveness, safe usage and optimum purity, RWC Booster we offer is supplied in the form of a yellow liquid that features a phenolic odour and remains stable under normal temperature. The product mixes with water and has a boiling point of 195˚C ~ 230˚C. It can be added as an ingredient in the making of white phenyl, black phenyl and even transparent phenyl.

Main Features:

  •     The products are free from any impurities and have a 200+ RWC
  •     These products are used in the form of disinfectants and as biocides in construction additives
  •     The products also serve as preservatives for textiles auxiliaries, paints, leather auxiliaries, etc.
  •     We supply these liquids in robust HDPE drums of different capacities
Chloro Xylenol
Chloro Xylenol
Chloro Xylenol is widely used as disinfectant for cleaning surgical equipments and antiseptic for skin. It finds its application in various household cleaners and wound cleaning liquids. This chemical is found to be highly effective against gram positive bacteria in which it disrupts the cell wall and stops enzyme activity. It has structural formula C8H9CIO and molecular mass of 156.61 g/mol with melting point range of 114 to 116 degree Celsius.
Price Range : 40.00 - 4400.00 INR
OBPCP can been seen as crystals or flakes of white to light tan or pink. It is insoluble in water offered with slight phenolic aroma. Insoluble in water, this chemical is combustible and should be utilized with Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Utilized as a wide spectrum biocide in disinfectants and cleaning solutions, this is the only disinfectant illustrious to be effective against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, that causes TB.
Price Range : 40.00 - 5000.00 INR