Our Biocides are basic devices in controlling microorganisms in the lifeless condition and in procedures, to the advantage of human and of monetary welfare, asset preservation, and security.

Phenol & Cresol
The benefits acquired from the application of our Phenol & Cresol are limitless. This is used to moderate the development of human pathogenic microorganisms that are managed as pesticides.
Black Phenyl Raw Materials
Our Black Phenyle Raw Materials are utilized in sustenance preparing plants, dairies, bottling operations, poultry houses and other activities. These can also be employed in drinking water, water treatment plants, spas, swimming pools and more areas.
White Phenyl Raw Materials
The uses of our White Phenyle Raw Materials are basic to the monetary soundness of an industrialized society, comprising expanding the in‐use life of made products and different items, securing various equipments.

Industrial & Cleaning Solvents
Our Industrial & Cleaning Solvents are utilized in modern handling and assembling frameworks for safeguarding power proficiency in various frameworks and tasks. In addition, these solvents likewise used to keep up satisfaction of life in household areas.
Imported Solvents & Chemicals
The provided Imported Solvents & Chemicals function by alleviating microorganism development that causes smells, visual tainting coming about because of buildup and mold development, and different microbiologically initiated sullying.

Water Treatment Chemicals
The offered Water Treatment Chemicals range is characterized as a substance planned to sterilize, clean or generally moderate the development of microorganisms, or to ensure lifeless things, mechanical procedures, surfaces, water or other synthetic substances from tainting or fouling caused by microorganisms.
RWC Booster
Being a decent quality phenyl is an extreme occupation as it needs astounding cleaning properties alongside high disinfectant and deodorizer. To make phenyls of best grade, producers include end number of ingredients and materials, including our RWC Booster.
Disinfectant Chemicals
Our Disinfectant Chemicals are antimicrobial agents, which are used to the surface of non-living items to devastate microorganisms that are living on some products and articles. Sterilization does not really kill all microorganisms, particularly safe bacterial spores.
Phenyl//Disinfectant Concentrate
Our Phenyl//Disinfectant Concentrates are unique from other antimicrobials, for example, anti-infection agents, which kill microorganisms inside the body, and sterilizers, which demolish microorganisms on the living tissue. These are likewise unique in relation to biocides.
Leather Chemicals
The Leather Chemicals can penetrate any grime and dirt on the leather item, and securely expel it. They are particularly valid for leather material, which can regularly be a dirt and grime magnet because of the sythesis of its material.
Dish Wash Compound
Our Dish Wash Compounds are substances that disinfect and clean. They are often utilized in doctor's facilities, dental medical procedures, kitchens, and washrooms to execute irresistible organisms.

Acid Slurry
Our Acid Slurry is a sulphonation item made by sulphonation of direct alkyl benzene through SO3 or oleum or sulphuric acid and mixes of above. This slurry is utilized in making various cleansers.