Alkyl Polyglucoside

Alkyl Polyglucoside is used in domestic and industrial cleaning solutions in addition to personal care uses. It eliminates dirt, grease, and other pollutants well, making it a great component for dishwashing solutions, laundry detergents, and multi-purpose cleaners. As a result of its desired characteristics and ecological nature, the demand for Alkyl Polyglucoside has been gradually expanding in a variety of sectors. There is an increasing need for mild and gentle ingredients in skincare, haircare, and cosmetic products in the personal care market. Its gentle nature helps to preserve the skin's natural moisture balance, leaving it smooth and moisturized.
  • It is an improved hand cleaning solution that is intended to give higher performance and efficacy.
  • It quickly removes dirt, grime, pollutants, and residual toxins, resulting in a precise and luxurious hand washing experience.
  • It has a scientifically developed combination of ingredients that work together to provide superior cleaning and hygiene results.
  • It is in high demand in residential, commercial, and hospitality environments because to its wide application and efficacy in satisfying a variety of hand cleaning demands.

Caprylyl Capryl Glucoside

  • Supply Ability:500000 Per Month
  • Type:Nonionic
  • Ash %:3
  • Appearance:Light Pale Yellow Liquid
  • Shelf Life:1 Years
  • Molecular Formula:Caprylyl Capryl glucoside
  • Purity:50
  • Grade:commercial
Price: 180 INR/Kilograms

Alkyl Polyglucoside

  • Viscosity:100~300 mPas
  • Ash %:<2.00%
  • Appearance:light yellow colored
  • Density:1.0 ~ 1.3 Gram per cubic meter (g/m3)
  • Supply Ability:200 Per Month
Price: 160 INR/Kilograms

We exports in Russia, Europe, Gulf countries and African countries.