Disinfectant Chemicals

There is always a large scale demand for Disinfectant Chemicals in hospitals and other health care settings, and the products are mainly demanded for different types of topical as well as hard-surface applications. Even in the food industry, where there is always concern for contamination and infection risks in edible products, the role of disinfectants is always on the rise. Today, various chemical and active chemical agents are used in the formulation of disinfectants, most of them demonstrating excellent antimicrobial activities. As a manufacturer with commendable market credibility, we offer a broad selection of Disinfectant Chemicals under this category. All products are known for actively mitigating risks associated with harmful microorganisms of various types, thanks to their excellent antimicrobial action and properties, for which our supplied range is widely used for formulating quick action disinfectants.

Main Features:

  •     The chemicals act as precursors to various disinfectants, insecticides, etc.
  •     The chemicals can also be used for eliminating various pathogens from wastewater
  •     The chemicals are non-corrosive in nature and are not hazardous to human health
  •     The chemicals are inexpensively priced considering the effectiveness
Product Image (Mixed Cresol)

Cresylic Acid

Price: 125 ~ 160 INR/Kilograms

CRESYLIC ACID is a generic term, which refers to the accumulations of both xylenols and cresols along with phenol and several other alkylphenols. Applicative for the production of leather preparations, insulating varnishes, disinfectants, cable enamels, and umpteen other chemical formulations, it is really effective as a powerful germicide and antiseptic.

Product Image (NPEO)

Ethoxylated Nonyl Phenol 9.5 mole

Price: 120 Rs/Kg ~ 150 Rs/Kg INR/Kiloampere

Ethoxylated Nonyl Phenol 9.5 mole is functional as a high-quality pesticide, personal care product, detergent, paint and plastic. This water soluble detergent, is functional as an optimal wetting agent as well as emulsifier. Commendable for high performance, this is also applicable in the textile industry. Provided co-emulsifier oil soluble detergent with other surface-active agent is an intermediate for sulphation.

Product Image (DCMX)


Price: 700 Rs/Kg ~ 800 Rs/Kg INR/Kilograms


Product Image (chloro cresol)

Para Chloro Meta Cresol

Price: 700 ~ 850 INR/Kilograms

Para Chloro Meta Cresol is a chlorinated phenol that is utilized as an optimal quality preservative and antiseptic that makes colorless, dimorphous elements at room temperature. Used as a disinfectant in hand wash, it can be dissolved in alcohol in accumulation with other organic compounds. This moderate substance can also be added to metal-working liquids such as paint, varnish, glue and is applicative for leather & textile processing.

Product Image (PCMC)

Para Chloro Meta Cresol (Germicide)

Price: 700 RS/KG ~ 800 RS/KG INR/Kilograms

Para Chloro Meta Cresol (Germicide) is used as an external preservative for paints, textiles, leather goods, gums, glues, and inks. It is a white to off-white colored crystalline powder having density 1.12 and boiling point of around 235 degree Celsius. This compound is chlorinated phenol having molecular formula C7H7CIO and mass of 142.58 g/mol. It can cause moderate allergy when comes in contact with the sensitive skin.

Product Image (BKC 50 70)

Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride

Price: 100 Rs/kg ~ 180 Rs/Kg INR/Kilograms

Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride is a pale yellow colored clear liquid having even numbered alkyl chain lengths. This nitrogenous cationic surface active agent belongs to the quaternary ammonium group. It is used in fungicidal formulations, cleaning agents, as a phase transfer agent, and as a preservative in cosmetics. This chemical is stable with pH range of 4-10 and temperature range up to 120 degree Celsius. It is readily soluble in ethanol & acetone.

Product Image (emu01)

Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylated 9.5 Mole

Price: 120 Rs/Kg ~ 140 Rs/Kg INR/Kilograms

Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylated 9.5 Mole is used in cleaners, detergents, textile processing, dust control, paints & coatings, and in leather industry. It is a light yellow colored viscous liquid having phenolic odor. This compound can be formulated by acid-catalyzed alkylation of phenol with mixture of nonenes. It is also used in the production of antioxidants, emulsifiers, and lubricant oil additives. This chemical has molecular mass of 220.35 g/mol with structural formula C15H24O.

Product Image (Glucoside01)

Lauryl Glucoside

Price: 200 Rs/Kg ~ 250 Rs/Kg INR/Kilograms

Lauryl Glucoside is a new generation environmentally friendly non-ionic surfactant derived from renewable feedstock glucose and a fatty alcohol.. it is compatible with all other surfactant classess(anionc, cationic,amphoteric and non-ionic).