White Phenyl Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing process: (COLD PROCESS FORMULA) 

Before you begin please note:

1) RWC booster is skin corrosive; be cautious while handling.
2) All vessels you are using must be clean, for RWC booster use a specific vessel.
3) Use cleaned vessel for manufacturing.

Ingredients Quantity (% of total volume of the concentrate)
Pine oil 65%
Emulsifier OP-95 30%
RWC booster 2%
Perfume 3%
Water 15 times of concentrate
AdGel 4% of total volume of water

Step 1: To make White Phenyl concentrate

(Note: after each addition, stir it well as to make the solution clear)

1) Pour Pine Oil in a clean and dry vessel
2) Add Citronella oil into Pine Oil
3) Stir it properly to make till the solution is clear.
4) Add Emulsifier OP-95 into Pine Oil & stir well for clear solution.
5) Add RWC booster and stir it till it is clear solution appears dark clear yellow- brown.
6) This is your concentrate for white phenyl.

Step 2: To make White Phenyl

1) Add AdGel to water and stir it till it gets homogenously thickened (no lump should remain).
2) Then add this thickened water into the concentrate and stir it well to make white phenyl, ready to be packed.


Information given above is based on our general experience but due to many variable factors beyond our control, we do not guarantee the results in formulations adopted by users. Users are informed that they should evaluate in their formulations as per their requirement. We recommend testing every batch before use.

We exports in Russia, Europe, Gulf countries and African countries.