Chlorine is used as a short-life biocide in modern water treatment with our Surfactant yet as a disinfectant in swimming pools. Our range is synthetic; however, there are natural biocides obtained from, e.g., plants and microbes. This range can be availed in transparent oil and white colored free flow powder form. Oil based version of these Surfactants contain ingredients like non cyclic terpenes and terpineol. Refractive index ranges between 1.4760 to 1.4790 at 20-degree C. This range does dilute in water without leaving any residual. It dissolves well in glacial acetic acid, ether and benzene.


  • It refers to compounds with distinct characteristics at the interface of two immiscible substances, such as oil and water.
  • It produces and stabilizes foam by lowering liquid surface tension, making it commonly utilized in cleaning goods and personal care items.
  • Surfactants' detergent qualities allow them to dissolve and remove dirt, oils, and other pollutants from surfaces. 

Decyl Glucoside

  • Storage:Room Temperature
  • Application:Paper, Oil Industry, Industrial, Textile Industry, Fertilizer, Paints, Printing Industry, Lubricants
  • Molecular Formula:Decyl Glucoside
  • Density:1120 Gram per cubic meter (g/m3)
  • Molecular Weight:Decyl Glucoside Grams (g)
  • Structural Formula:Decyl Glucosdie
  • Taste:Sweet
  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Day
Price: 180 INR/Kilograms

Polybutylene Terephthalate

PBT, or Polybutylene Terephthalate, is an engineering-grade thermoplastic polymer known for its excellent mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties. It crystallizes quickly, resulting in shorter mold cycles and lower molding temperatures compared to other plastics.
Price: 175 INR/Kilograms

Cresol Mixture

  • Density:1. 06 Gram per cubic meter (g/m3)
  • EINECS No:215-293-2
  • Form:Liquid
  • CAS No:1319-77-3
  • Purity:64%
  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Month
Price: 175 INR/Kilograms

Toilet Cleaner Formulation

  • Purity:formulated product
  • Grade:Other, Toilet cleaner
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Month
Price: 240 INR/Kilograms

Lauryl Glucoside

  • Poisonous:NO
  • CAS No:110615-47-9
  • Storage:Room Temperature
  • Appearance:Clear Pale Yellow Liquid
  • Density:1.07 ~ 1.09 Gram per cubic meter (g/m3)
  • Molecular Formula:variable
  • Solubility:Water Soluble
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month
Price: 180 INR/Kilograms

We exports in Russia, Europe, Gulf countries and African countries.